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Eagle, Cloud and Moon


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Tim is an award-winning member of the Indigenous Sculpture Society, a peer-organized and -elected group striving to uphold the highest artistic and ethical standards. He is known especially for his lifelike depictions of Navajo culture.


Now, he has done something completely different: an abstract rendering of a eagle, plummeting through the clouds, with a full moon above. The same stone is coaxed into varied textures and degrees of luminosity, through skilled hands and artistic vision.


Translucent orange alabaster, from the Four Corners area, is expertly manipulated to achieve different textures, from the fluffy cloud to the lustrous moon. The solid white base is marble.


Eagles are the guardians of the sky, supreme predators. They are also a major spiritual symbol, since they fly so high it seems they reach the heavens, carrying prayers with them. Therefore, this enigmatic sculpture represents power and spirituality, as well as artistic attributes.


Here is an opportunity to collect one of this Master Sculptor’s work without emptying the wallet. It will also bring the warmth of the Southwest sun, and its legends, into your home or office every day.



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Marble, Orange Utah Alabaster


5 3/4" high x 2 5/8" wide x 1 7/8" deep