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Eagle Antler Pendant


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Forsaking his interest in other-worldly creatures – unicorns, skeletons, aliens, for instance – this gifted artist has returned to the traditional, but this wonderful eagle carving is meant to be worn, so he is still outside the usual box.Superbly carved from one piece of natural, polished antler, this eagle head is realistic in every detail. Each feather has been individually carved, and the imperious beak and far-seeing eyes are also beautifully executed. Eagles are the Guardian of the sky, so this majestic avian will protect you at all times. Great carving in a creative and striking interpretation of a traditional fetish animal. The leather cord is also hand made, and can easily be adjusted to shorter lengths, making this a very versatile pendant. Or, slip onto a different chain, of your choosing.

Natural Antler, Leather Cord, Sterling Silver, Jet

Cord is 24″ Width: 3/4″ Height: 1 1/8″