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Eagle and Sunface Necklace


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Having learned inlay techniques from his mother-in-law, Loretta Quam Eriacho, Don Dewa blossomed into a highly respected and avidly collected jeweler. He creates pieces of meticulous inlay in transitional designs that are both traditional and modern. He created his “trademark” spinning design that comes in rings, pendants and other forms, such as this dainty, but spectacular, necklace.

Eagle feathers represent prayers carried up to the heavens. The two side pieces of this fascinating necklace are beautifully detailed eagle feathers that end in a colorful Sunface. In the center, a graceful eagle soars, with a round medallion and Sunface held in his talons. This little Sunface twirls: on the reverse, which can be accessed with a flick of a finger, is a fine, natural, deep red coral. The same red coral is inlaid around the rim of the silver pendant, on both sides. Wear it either or both ways, with the all three Sunfaces smiling at you, or a vibrant circle of brilliant, natural red coral in the eagle’s talons.

The shapes and the inlay are beautiful; flawless in every way. Delicate, but arresting, this necklace can be adjusted in length, to match various necklines, by inserting the hook in any of the hand made loops. It is shapely, colorful in an understated way, and equally splendid with tee-shirts, business, or dinner attire – and every color from neutrals to brights.

This renowned artist has created a delicate but very eye-catching necklace. It looks as if he paints with inlay, and the picture is a miniature masterpiece.


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Coral, Mother of Pearl, Obsidian, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


Eagle pendant is 1 3/4" long and 1 3/4" wide, Necklace is 19 1/4" long or shorter