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Eagle and Mountaintops Landscape


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This exceptionally talented Navajo painter is, remarkably, entirely self-taught, although his family includes some well-known artists.

He favors landscapes, where his wonderful detail adds to a feeling that goes beyond realism.

He makes this view of jagged mountain peaks come alive by including a careful attention to scale and perspective, as well as meticulous detail and lovely color.

The sky is aglow with the luminous blue of dawn or dusk, and the delicate rosy hues of sunrise or sunset create a halo behind the tallest summit.

Pale sunlight illuminates the rocky peak  where remnants of snow still cling. Down below, there are misty blue shadows.

In the foreground, tall evergreen trees lend a sense of perspective and scale. Directly in front of us, an eagle floats by, soaring on the wind.

A sense of perfect stillness fills this panorama of regal bird, imposing mountain crests, and misty forests.

The landscape is arresting; there is visual drama, but also a pervasive serenity; a combination often felt in Chris’ paintings.

Notice the exactingly rendered detail, sure command of perspective and depth as well as use of haunting color.

The artist has captured the majestic scale and breathtaking beauty of the soaring eagle, seemingly at the top of the world.

Already framed, just hang it up, and immerse yourself in space, and timeless beauty.


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Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Wood Frame


40" high x 30" wide, including frame