Dungeness Crab Fetish


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There are the traditional Guardian Animal fetishes, the fetish animals that have special meaning for the desert-dwelling Zuni, and then there are the other carvings: animals that simply capture the imagination of the artist, or seem to be a challenge.

This marvelous crab carving is a wonderful example of the latter, obviously, since sea creatures haven’t been seen in the high desert for several million years!

Michael Coble is famed for his detailed animal fetishes, and this crab is carved from one piece of stone, with amazing realism.

Perched on a rock, just like a real crab, this one blends right in (being as yet uncooked).

Notice the precisely depicted crab legs and claws, as well as how the shell sits on top. These are the skillful touches that make This carver so famous.

A wonderful addition to your fetish collection, or a gift for a seafood lover, or deep-sea fisherman.

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Picasso Marble, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise


1" H x 2" L x 1 3/8" W