Dual Mudheads Storyteller Figure

Tony Dallas


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Tony is a Hopi who married into Cochiti Pueblo, where he learned to make storytellers from his mother-in-law, Lucy Suina, who was related to Helen Cordero, one of the modern-day revivalists of the storyteller genre.

Given his Hopi identity, his well-known specialty is the Mudhead, one of the most identifiable and beloved of Pueblo clowns.

Mudheads escort the Shalako, the Chief Kachina, during the Winter Solstice ceremony, and also run races.

Since this takes place in early December, the ground is usually muddy, hence their appearance – covered in red clay mud – and name.

His work is known for precise details, impeccable finish, and a touch of humor.

This appealing duo of father and son Mudheads is traditionally formed, smoothed, painted, and fired, by hand.

The smooth finish and rounded forms are typical of Tony Dallas’ work.

The adorable baby Mudhead holds a tiny rattle, while his father, or grandfather, holds a decorated gourd rattle, as is traditional.

Their red bandannas, “turquoise and silver” concho belts, and woven kilts are all carefully painted.

Painted wrist-bands and moccasins complete their outfits.

The nodules of gloppy red mud on the head and face is the identifying feature of this Kachina.

Everything has been meticulously formed and/or painted.

This delightful duo will sing its way into your heart and home.

A lovely gift for a father and son, or grandfather and grandson, by a recognized artist.

There is a matching set of two-generation, female Mudheads also on this website – a wonderful set, together.


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