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Dragonfly Study


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Painter, carver, creator of mystical images, Sheldon Harvey was trained as a medicine man by his grandfather and great-grandfather.

However, he chose to express his spirituality through art.

His award-winning art has transcended the Native label, with work in major collections and museums across the country, and internationally.

His style is expressionistic, utilizing swift brushstrokes and conveying emotion, as well as impressionistic; omitting precise details for the general impression of a piece.

This painting is of a dragonfly, revered by southwest Native culture for its habitat on and near flowing water.

Water is the most precious resource in the high desert of Navajo, and other, lands, so this is a symbol of very good luck.

This smaller painting displays his free and confident brush style, his knowledge of the subject (it appears recognizable, without much detail), and his allegiance to Navajo culture.

What seems like a monochromatic background, reveals itself as a masterfully painted melange of yellows, golds, and pinks.

There is depth and energy in this painting,  as well as a handsomely complex palette, which can be viewed as a fine abstract, or a wonderful gift for an aficionado of entomology.

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Acrylic Paint, Canvas


12 1/4" H x 12" W