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Dragonfly & Royston Dangles


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Alex’s work reflects his love of nature and his tribal heritage.

He was a student of sports medicine; the unlikely trajectory to award-winning jeweler was inspired and aided by one of his brothers, the late, great jeweler, Myron Panteah.

These dramatic dangles celebrate the blessings of water, with several traditional good-luck signs.

The contrast of polished silver designs, applied onto a textured and darkened background, is very effective.

A stunning touch of softer polish and vibrant color is provided by the gorgeous green tops of natural Royston turquoise.

Unlike the more commonly seen Royston, which is a yellower, mossy green, with golden brown matrix, these natural stones are a clear, luscious teal green with faint accents of brown matrix.

With a sure artistic touch, Alex set them on the horizontal, so they contrast geometrically, as well as materially, with the tapered, vertical shape of the silver dangles.

Applied water spirals, dragonflies, suns and moons, and a cross shape that refers to the four corners of the earth are applied onto the dark and grainy background.

Some of the glistening applique-ed symbols extend a teeny bit over the edge of the base silver, which gives the earrings additional energy.

Notice that the reverse side of the dangles is decorated with a regular design of little stamped crosses: the benefits of water are meant to spread to all four corners of the world.

And this means there is no “ugly” side to the dangles!

Color, design, quality turquoise, and fine execution, all in one flattering pair of earrings.

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Sterling Silver I Natural Royston Turquoise


2 3/8" L x 3/4" W