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Dragonfly Necklace


Tufa cast silver dragonfly inlaid with natural red coral body and natural  spiderweb turquoise head. Half-round, polished beads attach it to tapered, textured side-pieces appliqued with graduated, raised rectangles against dark; more half rounds, openwork, textured arrowheads, more half rounds, and hook and eye. Entirely hand fabricated.




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A prize-winning artist, he is noted for clean and inventive silver work and a contemporary twist to traditional designs. This necklace is beautiful proof of that.

A wealth of creatively formed links, from gleaming half-round beads to textured cut-out arrowheads, to graceful, tapered and textured panels, decorated by graduated, raised segments, support the figural pendant. Every bit is hand fabricated, including the hook and eye. As attractive as the links are, the star of the piece is the impressive, tufa cast dragonfly that hangs from them.

Darkened, like the long panels, the insect has a body with graduated silver segments, that match, below a natural, red coral. The head is a fine, natural, spider web Kingman turquoise, in water-like blue. Water signs adorn the darkened silver wings, and a fluted half bead dangles at the very bottom. The red of the coral, represents the earth, sun and warmth; the blue turquoise signifies water and sky, while the dragonfly hovers above waterways. Symbolically, then, this necklace represents very good luck, and the balance of nature, which is the Navajo ideal.

This is a consummate achievement of esthetics and execution, as well as traditional symbolism. Wear it with casual clothes, to dinner and the theater; wherever you want to feel beautiful. And prepare gratified modesty, to respond to all the compliments!

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Natural Red Coral, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


22" long, Dragonfly is 3 12" long x 2 1/4" wide