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Dragonfly Necklace Set


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A self-taught, notable jeweler, who is known for exquisitely fabricated, sleek and modern pieces.

He shows regularly at the prestigious Heard Museum and Santa Fe Indian Markets, and is among the stellar artists profiled in Mark Bahti’s book, “Silver and Stone”.

He is known for incorporating traditional symbols in contemporary ways, for a distinguished, personal look to his pieces.

This impressively beautiful necklace celebrates the good luck of water – the most precious resource on the high desert land of the Navajo.

Applied silver motifs feature the stepped symbol for rain, while the pendant is a resplendent abstract dragonfly, honored for living around waterways.

The necklace is formed of creatively shaped silver links, from gleaming, half-round beads to flattened, darkened and layered “ufo” shapes, to graceful, tapered and textured panels.

This varied, beautiful silver work supports an imposing pendant, the boxed silver dragonfly, set with magnificent red coral and lapis stones – all natural, of course.

Gleaming silver, on the wings, is cut out to reveal perfectly shaped, stepped rain symbols, glittering with a grainy and slightly darkened texture, beneath.

This textured silver base is also revealed around the elegantly tapered lapis body, with a rectangular red coral at the end.

Another, rounder, hand cut red coral forms the head of the dragonfly, with tiny silver domes suggesting the antennae.

Finally, a slender teardrop, of the same natural, red coral, dangles prettily at the bottom of the dragonfly.

From the tapered cylindrical cones at the top, to the layered beads with polished edges, to the brilliantly polished rain symbols on the textured, curved, and tapered panels that lie across your shoulders, this necklace is splendidly composed.

The same textures, polish and stepped motifs carry over to the dragonfly pendant, creating an integrated design

Ergonomically shaped, for comfort and effect, every part of the necklace, including the sturdy hook and eye, is hand-fabricated sterling.

Given the particularly distinctive design of the necklace, the artist even included a pair of matching earrings, also hand fabricated, to complete the look.

Of course, the earrings may be worn apart from the set, and you will enjoy them by themselves, as well.

That goes for the necklace, too; wear it with coral, lapis, or plain silver round, earrings for a change of pace.

Remarkably well-constructed and designed, with stones fit for royalty, this necklace will look right at home with knits, shirts and simple dresses.

It is extraordinary, but can easily become your signature, with everyday clothes.



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Natural Lapis | Natural Red Coral | Sterling Silver


23 7/8" L including pendant | Pendant is 3 7/8" L x 2" W | Earrings are 2 3/4" L x 3/8" W