Dragonfly Flutter

Raymond Tsalate


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An exquisite collaboration between two of the most creative, younger, prize-winning Zuni carvers. Troy Sice is widely collected for his appealing carved antler figures. Here, he supplied the core of the “flower”, as a sturdy base for his chum Raymond Tsalate’s exquisite flight of fantasy.

A magical blossom of shimmering pink mother-of-pearl, turquoise and silver, has natural red coral dots in the center of the flower. The turquoise dragonfly hovers gracefully above, on iridescent pink wings. It will hover permanently, thanks to the sinuous silver wire that keeps it fluttering forever in place.

Dragonflies hover around waterways, and flowers – and all plants – need water to thrive. The visual metaphor is: enough water ensures a robust harvest, bringing good health, happiness and prosperity to all.

Created with imagination, constructed with utmost delicacy and expertise by accomplished artists, this is a fairy-tale vision, with a profound message wrapped in beauty.

A rare and beautiful piece; one that will become some lucky someone’s cherished heirloom. Why not yours?

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