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Dragonfly Dangles


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Randy Smith is a superior silversmith who enjoys creating jewelry with high-grade, natural turquoise in older, traditional styles.

These earrings exhibit his expertise, and his charming adaptation of tradition – as well as a fine, natural turquoise.

Dragonflies are not only lovely to look at, they help to propagate crops and plants, so are good luck.

Here, sterling silver is oxidized to a pleasing antique finish, with decorative and precise hand stamping.

A fluted half-bead attaches the dragonfly to the ear, while the wings are punched out from behind (repousse technique), and embellished with various stamps.

The edges of the dangles are daintily scalloped, and the stamps accentuate this.

Glowing in the center, is a warm green, natural turquoise, set high. We are not sure of the mine, but it is from the southwestern United States.

Accomplished workmanship, and a beautiful stone, combine with a pretty design in these retro, but original, earrings.

Flirt away, as the dragonflies seem to flutter with your movements.


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Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


1 3/4" L x 1 1/4" W