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Dragonfly Bowl with Stand


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This gifted potter may be known for pushing the envelope, but he shows, here, that his work is firmly and beautifully rooted in past traditions. Dragonflies are good-luck symbols in the arid high desert, especially for dry farmers, like the Zuni, since they hover over and around waterways. The pure white Zuni clay has been hand gathered, mixed, coiled, smoothed, and decorated with brown, vegetal paint. The delicacy of the shape of the bowl, and the precision of the painted designs, demonstrate Alan’s artistic ability and confident mastery.Equally at home in this totally traditional realm, as in his award-winning, contemporary-as-tomorrow pieces, this graphic bowl is different, for this artist, but equally well-made. It can be displayed on its included stand, as shown, or flat on a table or shelf.

Natural Clay

Height: 2 5/8″ Diameter: 8 1/4″