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Dragon Scale Turquoise and Black Jade Cuff


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Highly reputed as painter, carver, teacher, mentor and activist, as well as a stellar jeweler, this remarkable artist uses only the highest quality stones, immaculately inlaid, or set in simple settings, so the stones take center stage.

Of course, simplicity is anything but simple; there is nowhere to camouflage any slips in unadorned surfaces.

Legions of exacting collectors appreciate his insistence on quality materials, to match the excellence of his workmanship and the artistry of his designs.

This bracelet showcases the unique beauty of natural, Dragon-Scale turquoise, with its wonderful pattern of matrix that really suggests that mythological beast’s overlapping scales.

The mellow green hue is also dragon-like. Satiny black jade, also natural, of course, elegantly echoes the dark background of the turquoise.

The artist’s eye is especially noticeable in the horizontal insert of turquoise that bisects the black jade on one side, while the other is reversed: a rectangle of black jade bisects turquoise.

The design is one of splendid balance, without actual symmetry, and all the more intriguing for that.

Simple but dramatic, in a restrained, classic style, using luxurious materials wedded to superb skill – all hallmarks of Roger Tsabetsaye, and all present in this timeless bracelet that radiates quality.



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Black Jade, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 1/4"

Gap Size


Wrist Size

6 1/4"


1" wide