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Dragon Scale Pendant


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An early student of the legendary Charles Loloma, Roger has evolved his own, modern style, very different from traditional Zuni jewelry.

A master jeweler, painter, teacher, tribal leader, this remarkable artist works with glorious stones and sets them in the simplest of noble metal settings, to their greatest advantage – like this stunning pendant.

Natural Dragon Scale turquoise comes from the high mountains of Tibet. High quality, natural turquoise from the American West is increasingly difficult to find, so artists are turning to the untapped reserves of the Himalayas, where the stones were formed by the same natural forces as they were in our local mountains.

This gorgeous stone displays its characteristic matrix pattern, that resembles reptilian scales. The rich greenish hues are varied, and even more interesting, for that.

The artful touch of a rounded form at the top, contrasts with the rigorous rectangle of the high quality stone at bottom.

Set in a minimalist frame of sterling silver, the narrow border adds a subtle flash of gleaming texture.

Sleek and splendid, the the stone is the star, and the silver work is just as classic as the design.

A beautiful piece to enjoy now, that is timeless, by a major, multi-talented artist.

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Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver


2 1/4" L x 1 1/8" W