Dragon Scale Medallion Ring

Tolpiyine Simbola


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Ancient Picuris Pueblo is not noted for its artistic output, in modern times, but this jeweler is proving that wrong.

Tolpiyine made jewelry when younger, then gave his attention to the burgeoning film industry in New Mexico.

Now that he’s older – in his late ’20’s! – he has returned to making jewelry with an explosive bang, in this extraordinary, spectacular “dragon scales” series, named so because the repousse technique reminds him of the scales of this legendary reptile.

The interior of each shape is pushed out from behind, (“repousse”) in a tiny, four-sided diamond, of which there is nine total, combining to form an even larger diamond! The four sides of the repousse diamonds form facets that glisten and gleam as the light hits.

The remainder of the face of the ring is decorated with beautiful stamped designs and cut into a reverse kiva step style design with flared edges.

The shank is hand-chiseled all the way around the edge and includes, stamped designs, appliqued repousse pieces, and texturing.

Though the entire composition is substantial, it is medium weight for its size.

A true showpiece, this will complement different looks and is a shining example of another fun way to use repousse!



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