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Double-Sided Sunface Kachina


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This is an excellent carving. Actually it is twice as excellent as most; uniquely, the artist has created a double image, so you see the entire front of this handsome Sunface, no matter which side is visible.

Every finely carved detail is identical: the finely detailed feathers of both headdresses, the colorful embroidery of the enveloping blanket and the sashes peeping out from it, and the turquoise ring on the hand holding the blanket. Appropriate to the symbolism of the Sunface, the blanket is decorated with flowers, green color and stepped rain designs, symbolizing the prayer for a good growing season. The blanket is gracefully draped, and the artist has suggested the arm under the blanket in a near-realistic way.

Hand carved from a dead cottonwood root, which is traditional: cottonwood trees grow around waterways, and using dead roots does not disturb the balance of nature. Sun and water nourish life-giving crops. Another beautiful combination of realism and abstraction by this gifted artist, and a marvelously individual portrayal of this important kachina.

Dead Cottonwood Root, Paints

Width: 4 1/4″ Height: 11″