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Double Sided Snow Maiden


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On one side, the Snow Maiden kachina is sheltering a young Snow Girl, nestled warmly in her robe, and on the other, she is holding a feather fan in her hand. The Snow Maiden, or Nuvak’chin’ Mana, is usually just shown as one figure; here, carver Malcolm Cheromiah gives us the female kachina with a double identity, as Mom, with her equally white masked child, and as herself. Both are snugly wrapped in the same robe with a beautiful green and black border. The skill of the carver transforms the stiff wood into softly draped wool, for both the maiden’s robe and the girl’s won robe, dress and sash. His attention to detail is wonderful, from the fringe on the girl’s sash, the folds of her robe where she is holding it closed, to to the necklaces all three figures are wearing, and the intricate sash that the single maiden is wearing.The Snow Maiden is seen as a prayer for snow to fall in the cold weather, replenishing the moisture in the ground, something which many parts of our country could use now.

Cottonwood, Paint

Base: 5 1/2″ W x 1 1/4″ H x 4 1/2″ D Width: 2 1/2″ Height: 9 1/2″ Depth: 2 3/4″