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Double Sided Inlaid Scenes Pendant


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With a jet black background, dark as the night sky, the other inlaid elements – stars and celestial objects, a ceremonial figure, monumental rocks, a highway, and adobe houses – really stand out. Polished sterling makes a moon-struck frame for the inlay, and the other colors are vivid and varied, to harmonize with the night theme. On one side, a kachina-like ceremonial figure is pictured against a star-studded night sky, replete with a streaking comet and many heavenly bodies. Abstract mountains are seen below. The mother of pearl face, the comet’s trail and some of the feathers, gleam like moonlight; turquoise and pale green gaspeite brighten the depth of royal blue lapis, red coral and apple coral. Sandy-tan jasper makes up the mountains below. Wait! There is even more to enjoy. On the other side, adobe houses line a two-lane highway, with an imposing rock structure beside them, reminiscent of the ones out on the Navajo lands. The night sky is decoratively filled with two comets and several planet-like bodies of inlaid red coral, against a star-spangled sky. Either side is a beautifully decorative and graphic picture. Every element of the remarkable designs are sharp, clear, and colorful.Meticulously hand fabricated, this is a stunning pendant that combines two very different pictorial images in a strikingly handsome way. Two-in-one, and each one fabulous!

Sterling Silver, Jet, White Clam Shell, Jasper, Turquoise, Lapis, Mother of Pearl, Coral, Gaspeite, Apple Coral, Sugilite

Height: 2 3/4″ Diameter: 2″