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Double-Sided Dangles


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This noted jeweler lives near Canyon de Chelly, in New Mexico, site of prehistoric Anasazi dwellings.

The landscape, and remembrance of the old way of life, feature in his eagerly collected pieces.

This particular style, with gold petroglyph symbols on textured silver on one side, and an overlaid scene of traditional Navajo life on the reverse, has won awards at prestigious Native art shows.

Exemplifying the Navajo concept of beauty within, as well as beauty outside, these wonderful earrings have two distinct looks, in one graceful teardrop form.

The exterior, combines a pebbly silver texture, like a rocky surface, with superimposed, gleaming gold rock art symbols.

A sleek, polished gold sun shines at the top, while an equally brilliant gold spiral glistens under the diagonal streak of gold across the center.

An ancient symbol for the path or river of life, the spiral represents water, balanced here by the warmth of the sun. The earth is represented by that slash of gold.

Together, sun and water provide ideal conditions for life in all forms, and crops. Therefore, good luck, good health, happiness and prosperity follow.

The gold cross sign to the left of the sun symbolizes the four corners of the earth, where this blessing is meant to extend.

On the reverse, each earring depicts an idyllic glimpse of Navajo life before pick-up trucks, TV, and other modern conveniences. Each vignette is different.

One earring shows a traditional hogan, the round dwelling that predates trailers and houses, with a desert plant next to it and rocky cliffs behind. A gold sun glitters in the sky with a puffy cloud above.

On the other earring, this overlaid silver scene shows a wooden ramada, under which a Navajo woman is sitting and weaving at her upright loom.

A water barrel is at the left, with cliffs behind, the gold sun, and fluffy clouds above. Look very closely, and you will see a raincloud with falling rain, off in the distance to the right, just above the ramada.

It is common, in the open country of the high desert, to see distant rainstorms while the sun is shining on you.

Meticulous workmanship, wonderful concept and striking design, add up to a pair of exceptional earrings, by this special artist.

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14k Gold, Sterling Silver


1 3/4" L x 3/4" W