Double Lizard Carving

Herbert Him Jr.


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Son of an award-winning, master fetish carver, Herbert Him, Jr. is following in his father’s illustrious footsteps.

Herbert Sr. is known for the naturalistic detail of his carvings, and this marvelous double lizard maintains this style.

A large and solid piece of ricolite (banded serpentine) is carved into a pair of lizards, at rest.

The carver has made good use of the natural coloring of the stone; perfect for realistic-looking green lizards.

One is somewhat smaller than the other; father and son, like the carvers?

Although basking on a flat rock, the lizards’ heads are raised, ever on the alert.

Their scaly skin is wonderfully etched; their long, strong tails and legs are also realistic, as are the claws that are visible.

Notice how the tail of one lizard is gracefully curled, while the other is much straighter.

Tiny dots of natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise add a colorful accent and proclaim the southwestern home of these lizards.

The “rock” on which they are poised is carved to conform to the shape of the two reptiles.

This is one, piece of ricolite; the lizards and their resting place are all one piece.

This piece is a great size for display on table-top, desk, shelf, or mantel.

A chip off the old, block (of stone), Herbert Jr. is a worthy successor to his famous father.

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