Double Link Bracelet


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He is known for creating delicate, but angular, rigorously contemporary and geometric jewelry.

Here, he combines that esthetic with a more lyrical side in a charmingly unusual link bracelet.

Three, hand-cut, natural stones join the separate links of this unique piece: two are a vibrant teal turquoise, and in the center, a vivid, orange spiny oyster shell.

The silver links are all repousse – literally pushed out of a sheet of silver, from the inside.

Gleaming, the four, elongated and rounded, diamond shapes in the center are mostly hammered with tiny dots, that give them an intriguing, small-scale, rough-hewn texture.

In each link, however, the raised silver was left partially plain, so that it gleams even more.

A slim, textured border frames each diamond link, accentuating the pebbly, antique look.

At each end, are a pair of plain silver repousse forms, also within a narrow shadowbox border.

These are curvaceous wavy shapes, that counteract the diamond shapes of the silver links and the stones.

Hand made silver rings join the two silver rows, creating this inventive double-link bracelet.

A hand made silver toggle clasp is decorative, and easy to manipulate.

The bracelet is dainty and delicate, but the rigorous form of the turquoise and spiny oyster shell, add a bit of Ronnie’s modern geometry.

The whole piece is a medley of rounded, straight, and pointed lines that add up to a beguiling, lovely, and very creative bracelet.

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Natural Spiny Oyster Shell, Natural Turquoise, Sterling Silver

Wrist Size

6 1/2" – 6 5/8" all around


5/8" W