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Double-Layer Spiral Design Dangles


Tapered silver, double-level dangles. Carved out and textured angular water spiral with tiny crosses on top; Reverse of bottom layer is chiseled and stamped into sunburst and tiny stars.

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This always inventive young jeweler has impressive artistic genes – he is a grandson of the late Ben and Felicita Eustace, and a son of innovative award-winner Jolene Eustace. HIs own prize-winning style has always been contemporary, but often with a touch of the traditional, as in these attractive dangles.

The silver is subtly dulled, so it gleams rather than glitters, with a fine-line texture in the center of the angular water spiral that is the featured design. Hand stamped around this, are graceful stars and tiny crosses, all referring to the four corners of the world. It is hoped that the blessings of water and rain will extend to all parts of the earth.

This tapered shield shape is set above the bottom layer, which shares its form and is chiseled like rainfall. There is a tiny, polished silver dot at the very bottom, like a wee raindrop.

On the reverse, there is a surprise – the entire surface is decorated with a fine-line sunburst design! So, no matter which way these dangles swing and sway, there is something beautiful to show off. These earrings are designed with wonderful creativity; executed with finesse.

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Sterling Silver


1 1/4" long dangles alone, 2" including wires


1/4" to 1/2" at top