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Double Horse Fetish


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Rochelle is a granddaughter of the famous Zuni jeweler, Alice Quam. She learned to carve fetishes from her former husband, Esteban Najera, known for his skeletal antler carvings.

Rochelle prefers horses, and other animals. This pair of horses is one of her latest pieces.

Carved from one piece of local Zuni jet, these horses look in different directions, but share an animated charm.

With swirling tails and manes, the duo have friendly, happy expressions, and are well-muscled.

Full of motion and expression, they also share an endearing, folksy look.

These are lovable, brightly polished, ponies who will liven up your shelf, desk or table.

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Natural Zuni Jet


2 3/4"


1 3/4"