Double Frog Fetish


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Frog carvings have been found since prehistoric times. A major rain-bringing fetish, frogs are also symbols of abundance and fertility.

Perched on a rock, with a leafy branch below, these two smiling frogs and their environment are carved out of one piece of froggy-green ricolite.

This table-sized fetish is actually a remarkable sculpture, by this younger artist noted for his finely carved pieces, and his creativity.

Carved clear of the rock in places, the frogs are proportioned and detailed with expert naturalism.

Look at the legs and the finely detailed webbed feet, as well as their reptilian, smiling faces. Vivid blue turquoise eyes add a spark of color, and humor.

Mentored by Herbert Him, also known for his realistic animal carvings, Michael Coble has amassed an ardent following and many awards, including a national museum show.

He is noted for his wonderfully detailed fetishes, like these fabulous frogs.

His work is a must for collectors of fine fetishes, and equally splendid frogs.


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Natural Ricolite


1 3/4"


3 3/8" wide x 2 1/2" deep