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Double-Faced Turquoise Cornrow Bracelet


Double faced sterling bracelet; overlay rug pattern on the inside; natural Sleeping Beauty turquoise corn row inlay on the exterior.

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Blue corn is a Native specialty, beloved in New Mexico and Arizona. Here is a splendid way to have your blue corn, and wear it, too.

Many hundreds of tiny, natural Sleeping Beauty disks are inlaid in orderly rows, masquerading as corn kernels. These are all hand cut, set and polished. The sterling base that supports them is also hand made, of course, with gleaming edges to set off the southwest-sky blue of the natural stones. That would be plenty good for most artists, but Dan’s mother was a weaver, and his signature style is an intricate silver overlay rug pattern, honoring her.

Notice that the edges are stepped, one on the other? There are two layers of silver. So, the interior of the bracelet, where only you, and those you share it with, will know about it, is a separately designed and executed cuff in an overlay silver rug pattern. And it is a beauty! Some of the background silver is darkened, to emphasize the design; some is textured and left silvery. The raised elements are polished, as are the edges.

Two equally spectacular bracelets combined in one; beauty on the outside, beauty on the inside, as the Navajo pray. Remarkable beauty, high quality materials and expert technique make one exceptional bracelet, to be enjoyed for generations.


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Sterling Silver I Natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise


1 3/8"

Cuff Size

5 1/4"

Gap Size


Wrist Size

6 1/4"