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Double Druzy Ring


Edgy, contemporary ring: silver, darkened  to look like tarnish or iron, with 2 tawny druzies. One stone is oblong and set at a high to low diagonal; the other is a rounded shield shape, set underneath the upper stone.

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Known for his contemporary, fashion-influenced and sometimes edgy style, this prominent jeweler’s work was included in a national museum collection before he turned 30! Grandson and son of jewelers famous for their innovation and expertise, he carries on the family tradition in his own, very unique way.

Tawny druzy stones sparkle and glint with golden highlights. These natural stones are related to geodes: a coating of crystals forming over the surface of a stone. This artist has paired two druzy stones of different shapes, and set them on the diagonal over a darkened silver base. The intentionally uneven darkening on the silver gives it an industrial edge, like old iron or steel. This is a wonderful foil for the twinkling glitter of the druzy, and for its warm hue, even brighter and more apparent, against the dulled grey silver.

The stones add their own compatible contrast, in form. The slender oblong streaks from one border of the shank to the other, on the diagonal. The plumply rounded shield shape, nestled against it, anchors one edge of the shank. A slight difference in the intensity of their color, makes the stones even more interesting. The shapes and placement, creates a great sense of energy.

The silver can be polished, if you like that better, but the brooding, industrial, contemporary edginess will be lost. Any way you like it, this is another fabulously intriguing ring from this innovative artist. His rings are never seen on every hand!

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Natural Druzy, Sterling Silver

Ring Size

7 3/4


Stones are 7/8" high x 1" wide


Shank is 7/8" wide at front and 1/8" wide at back