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This prize-winning jeweler lives near Canyon de Chelly, in New Mexico, site of prehistoric Anasazi dwellings and petroglyphs – ancient rock art symbols.

The landscape, and remembrance of the old way of life, feature in his eagerly collected pieces.

This particular style, with gold petroglyph symbols on textured silver on one side, and an overlaid scene of traditional Navajo life on the reverse, has won awards at prestigious Native art shows.

Exemplifying the Navajo concept of beauty within, and on all sides, this wonderful bracelet contains two distinct designs, in one beautiful piece.

The exterior, displays a pebbly silver texture, like a rocky surface, with superimposed, gold rock art symbols.

A sleek, polished gold sun shines in the center, while an equally brilliant gold hand, denoting blessing and protection, is beneath it, and a stylized cross form is to the sun’s right.

Diagonal streaks of gold glisten on either side of these three symbols.

Just to the right, a golden spiral glistens, above a tapered streak of polished silver, with another gold cross floating to the right.

Below that silver slash, another gold circle and a little gold human are seen.

To the left of the center hand of blessing, is a gold arrowhead, with a little gold circle, above a slash of silver, that matches the one on the other side.

Below this silver streak, is a gold cross form, and a gold mountain goat or sheep.

The spiral represents water, and is also an ancient symbol for the path or river of life.

Te blessing of water is balanced by the warmth of the gold sun(s).

Together, sun and water provide ideal conditions for life in all forms, including crops and prey animals.

The human figure, and the meat animal, on the other end of the cuff, represent the blessing of enough to eat.

Good luck, good health, happiness and prosperity follow.

The little cross forms indicate the four corners of the world, where these blessings are meant to extend; the arrowhead points the way to successful hunting and resulting happiness.

The contrast between the high polish of the applied elements, and the nubbly background silver, is elegant,

On the reverse, the artist has depicted – in silver overlay – an idyllic glimpse of traditional Navajo life, before pick-up trucks, TV, and other modern conveniences.

From left to right: rocky cliffs are succeeded by an outcropping of a desert plant, followed by a Navajo girl herding sheep, on the way to her hogan.

A gold sun glitters in the sky, with a puffy cloud above.

The traditional round, log hogan, predates trailers and houses, has a wooden ramada, with a barely visible woman, weaving a rug, inside it.

Next to the ramada, a handsome horse stands, with another plant form, in front of him. The Navajo were, traditionally, fine horsemen.

Fluffy clouds above, give way to more rocky cliffs, at the end of the scene.

A darkened silver background makes the details stand out even more; the whole design is a surprise contrast to the modern and bright exterior.

The Navajo value beauty in all directions; this dual design exemplifies that.

Meticulous workmanship, a wonderful concept, and striking design, add up to an exceptional bracelet, by this special artist.

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Sterling Silver I 14-Karat Gold

Wrist Size

5 1/2" + 1 1/8" gap | 6 5/8" all around


5/8" W