Dolomite Fish Fetish – AS IS

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Along with his brother Vernon, this fetish artist was one of the first active carvers in his family, back in the 1980’s.

His style is a refined version of the “old style”: a minimally carved, abstract rendering that mimicked found fetishes.

In the past, if a natural rock was thought to resemble a specific animal, it was kept as a fetish. Now, most fetishes are hand carved, whatever the style.

This plump little guy is nicely shaped and polished, to show off the pretty markings of the stone.

All one piece, his fins are realistically etched and his wide mouth is carefully carved, even to the blowholes  just above it.

An unexpected and very elegant touch: the eyes are formed of two parts, yellow mother of pearl outside, with inlaid pupils of shiny black jet.

If you know an ardent fisherman, this is the fetish for him/her.

The beautifully curved and smooth body makes this a perfect “worry-fish”, too – wonderful to caress and destress.


*This item has been damaged and is sold AS IS


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