Diamond Shape Morenci Ring


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A masterful piece by this acknowledged master jeweler and photographer, this ring is an undeniable show-stopper, in the best possible way.

Very special, and very wearable, the most prominent attraction is the magnificent, large, beautifully shaped, natural Morenci turquoise.

Hand cut into a rounded diamond form, the stone features the gorgeous bright blue of the finest Morenci, as well as numerous pockets of its characteristic pyrite matrix – glittering fools’ gold.

Despite its size, the turquoise is shaped so handsomely, it is not only flattering but elegant.

The deeply cut silver bezel adds a discreet pattern and a bit of glistening polish.

For most artists, and rings, this spectacular stone would be enough, but Arland chose to complement it with a fabulous shank.

An appliqued row of14-karat gold, petroglyph figures fills a shaped band of silver.

The gleaming gold elements stand out against a background that has been textured and darkened, to simulate rock.

The gold also relates to the golden matrix in the turquoise.

Little good luck symbols abound on the shank: A water spiral, lightning, arrowheads, a deer (meat!), hands of blessing and protection, stars that indicate the four corners of the earth (where the blessings should extend), and, at the very back, a charming human couple, holding hands.

The edges of the shank are raised and polished, so there are brightly shining surfaces all over the piece.

The artist has won many awards for his meticulously precise metal work, and use of fabulous stones; all present here, and with a stunning effect.

The design of the shank means the ring cannot be sized, but surely there is one finger on your hands that it will fit?

This ring is worth every effort!

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