Diamond Shape Inlaid Posts

Lynol Yellowhorse


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This artist was a master of color, whose life ended much too soon. Lynol’s remarkable color sense is evident in these vibrant earrings. All natural, the semi-precious stones look stunning together, thanks to the artful juxtaposition of complementary colors, which brings out the best in each one. As far as we know, these earrings are the some of the very last pieces of his we have.

Assembled in a lively chunk mosaic, these high-quality stones seem to glow with their own light. Luscious purple sugilite, blue-denim lapis, and red coral are punctuated by a sliver of silver. Spiderweb turquoise flows across the center, with another sparkle of silver channel below it.  Melon-orange spiny oyster shell glows at the bottom. All the hand-cut stones are framed by a gleaming silver border. These earrings have the rich allure of stained glass, and will complement almost any colors you wear.

We lament his premature passing, and are glad that this work survives, in a wonderfully happy array of hues. There will be no new pieces, alas. However, Lynol’s legacy of brilliantly arranged color and expert workmanship will always delight us.

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and Turquoise, Denim Lapis, Natural Coral, Spiny Oyster Shell, Sugilite


1" long x 3/4" wide

Earring Sizing

Earrings are measured by length and width. The measurements for french hooks (dangles) are taken from the spot the hook hangs down from your ear, and the measurements for posts and clip-ons are taken from the earring top to bottom. The width is taken from the widest part of the earring.