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Diamond-Shape Dangles


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When your dad is Tommy Jackson, one of the most prolific and happily collected of jewelers, art genes seem inevitable.

And, no surprise, Christina Jackson creates well-made, well-designed jewelry, on her own, and with her husband.

These handsome dangles are all hers, playing with geometric shapes in pleasing harmony.

The base is a nicely proportioned diamond shape, darkened for contrast with the applied polished form.

Stepped on both sides, this gleaming element is a double rain symbol – good luck in the desert.

A rounded, oval, natural spiny oyster shell  fits snugly at the bottom. The color and variations evoke the sun.

Rain signs above, sunset-hued shell below; symbols of Nature in balance, which is ideal.

And these well-shaped, handsome dangles are ideal for everyday wear all year round.


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Natural Spiny Oyster Shell, Sterling Silver


2" including wire


7/8" W