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Diamond Patterned Cuff


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He wears a rodeo winner’s buckle, raises horses, and spends half a year in Europe with The Wild West Show. Real cowboys make jewelry, too! Ernest has been making jewelry since he was 14, and now uses his wife’s family’s handmade tools. This bracelet shows that cowboys can even make delicate jewelry. On a rugged, tufa cast silver base, a gleaming row of raised diamond shapes is interspersed with rounds of shiny silver. Each piece is individually soldered on the tufa cast cuff. Beautifully regular hand stamping on either edge of the bracelet, add subtle texture. With a heavy gauge textured and darkened base, this beautiful bracelet combines toughness and delicacy in a handsome and graphic way.


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Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 3/8"

Gap Size

1 1/8"

Wrist Size

6 1/2"


1/2' w