“Diamond Compass” Pendant


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Jacob started as an artist of remarkable paintings and has now added finely made jewelry to his creative repertoire.

The very gifted young artist is a former staff member of ours, and his work is a combination of exceptional talent, exemplary craftsmanship, and innate artistry.

This beautiful pendant is built up from a sand cast silver base, with gracefully regular rounded and elongated appliques.

These are probably abstract feather forms, signifying hopes and prayers flying up to the heavens.

The “compass points” join in the center to support a deeply chiseled bezel that embraces a heavenly blue, oval denim lapis stone, that is natural.

Glistening little silver balls sit on the top edges, between each applied “feather”, while the bottom two sides are edged with a narrow, chiseled border that flares off and up, beyond the edge of the main diamond shape.

This border, which is slightly flared at the ends, resembles a bird’s wings, carrying those prayers and hopes, from all four geographic directions, up to the sky.

The bail also is beautifully stamped, with tiny eagle feathers, sun shapes, and a raised bead, stamped with a rosette that echoes the larger pendant’s design.

On the back, is another stamped compass design that is lacy and delicate, also relating to the larger design.

This could even be worm on either side, since both bail and pendant are decorated on both sides, and the signature of the artist is very discreet.

Glistening with a high polish, just enough decorative touches, and with that limpid blue stone at the center, this is a uniquely beautiful pendant that will be worn in every season, with a wide variety of wardrobe choices.

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Natural Denim Lapis, Sterling Silver


2 1/2" L x1 3/4" W