Día de Muertos Spiral Earrings


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This creative young jeweler from Zuni is always interested in new looks, new designs, and new techniques.

His popular inlaid spirals are intriguing, flirty, and fun to wear, as well as imaginative and well-made.

This latest pair features the classic, glamorous combination of black and silver, with a fabricated skull at the top of each spiraled dangle.

The skull is a different and welcome addition to the classic spiral design, originally by previous generations of the Sheyka family, and currently carried on beautifully by Shawn.

Whether showing the inlaid jet stripes or not, the silver of the spirals and the small, textural silver designs gleam and glisten.

Definite conversation pieces, these earrings are a dynamite addition to any look!

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Jet, Sterling Silver


3 1/4"