“Desert Twilight”

Alice Yazzie


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This award-winning artist carefully builds up a multilayered background with her pastels (on plain brown paper!), chooses from her reference books whichever pots suit her fancy, adds her imagination, and conveys every texture with panache and skill.

Alice studied art in Chicago and is renowned for her mastery of the tricky technique of pastels.

This piece beautifully evokes the immensity and mystery of the high desert sky, as day fades into night, with a full moon above.

She has placed her signature historic pots in the foreground, nestled on a bed of long grasses. Rocky cliffs surround the pottery.

Like their surroundings, each historic pottery artifact has its own texture, authentic design, and color, expertly depicted.

But, it is the evening sky that dominates the picture: the luminous blue of twilight is visible on the horizon, with the big sky of the Navajo lands, roiling with dramatic clouds, above.

That lovely full moon glows in the upper corner, surrounded by myriad stars, visible even through the layered clouds. A tiny shooting star, points down, toward the pottery.

The composition adroitly brings the eye completely around the picture, from the pots to the moon, and down again, thanks to the diagonal opening in the clouds, and the trajectory of the shooting star.

Double-matted, and custom- framed, this mesmerizing picture is ready to hang, and enjoy.

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