Desert Scene with Custom Frame



Young Navajo artist Chris Peshlakai, is exceptionally talented and, remarkably, entirely self-taught.

He makes his landscapes come alive by including great detail in every element.

His sense of perspective and proportion elevate his work beyond the merely realistic; the powerful sense of serenity produces an almost otherworldly feeling.

This larger work celebrates the beauty of the southwestern high desert.

It is as if we are looking through a window, with the artist, enjoying the view of his homeland.

The sense of space is wonderfully conveyed; here in the southwest, the sky is part of the landscape, and the artist has shown it so.

Nothing interrupts the endless horizon, except for the repeated shapes of distant mesas, fading into the sky.

With his usual assured mastery of the medium, the artist has painted the foliage, grasses and flowers in the foreground with refined delicacy – you can almost touch them, and feel the soft breeze that makes them sway. Must be early springtime!

The dark green pinon trees and other plants are sharply delineated against the ocher of the earth, while the far-off cliffs blend into a lovely mix of lavender hues, against the cloud-swirled sky.

It seems to be either sunrise, or twilight; the sky is faintly pink at the horizon, blending into blue tones among the wind-blown clouds.

Subtle palette, wonderful sense of space, expert and beautiful painting, both in details and in the expanse of sky. We feel drawn into this landscape as if we were there in person.

There is a profound sense of tranquility that we expect from this virtuoso painter.

He has also added a different, looser feel, especially in the depiction of the sky, which is almost impressionistic.

Mesmerizing realism becomes poetry in his gifted hands.

A major piece, custom framed and ready to hang, so you will have your own, permanent window on this beautiful view.



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