Demale Turquoise Bolo

Peter Nelson


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A beautifully worked, silver overlay design, and restrained filing, surround the exceptional, natural Demale turquoise stone.

Left in a form close to its natural shape, the spectacular turquoise is densely patterned with matrix, creating a celestial effect – as if a glimpse of the night sky, far out in space.

The irregular form complements the angular silver motifs. The stone is set above the overlay silver, so there is a subtle three-dimensional effect.

The silver designs represent clouds, wind and rain – attractive symbols of good luck and happiness. They are arranged to form a graphic pattern that harmonizes with the angular stone. Combinations of polished and chiseled silver add to the intricate serenity of the piece.

A hand-braided leather cord ends in three-inch long, handmade silver tips. The simple cylinder form complements the bolo, finishing it with distinction but keeping attention on the extraordinary stone and the equally fine silver work.

A combination of impeccable silver work, masterful design and a superb stone, this bolo is a remarkable piece by a recognized, award-winning jeweler.



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