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Delicate Naja Necklace


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A deliciously delicate example of the fabulously creative jewelry of the great Fritz Casuse.

He is celebrated for his mentoring, his teaching, and for astonishing, award-winning jewelry characterized by complex, completely hand-fabricated pieces.

He is also a sculptor, and this perspective leads to creating dimensional and textured jewelry pieces – like this lovely naja necklace.

Despite being a renowned artist, he “enjoys the act of creation and is always experimenting” in his art, so his work varies in scale and designs, but is always impeccable in workmanship and creative in design.

Taking the traditional naja, usually pendant from a squash blossom necklace of imposing size and weight, Fritz has rendered it dainty, delightful, and easy to wear.

Delicate silver is fashioned into a double arc, that is chiseled for texture, ending in flattened, polished ends.

The “arms” of the naja enclose a lovely oval of natural coral, in the pretty salmon hue traditionally favored by the Navajo.

A notched silver bezel contrasts subtly with the serenely smooth coral.

Like the arms of the naja, the silver stalk that supports the coral is chiseled, providing the same texture in a larger scale.

The textured, and polished, silver seems to twinkle in the light.

Tiny domes of silver mark the ends of the curved arms; one also sits between the two arcs, right above the coral.

This ethereal version of a naja is clasped in an equally dainty, hand-braided leather cord, that ends in a hand made silver clasp.

A small-scale show-stopper, this necklace is not flashy, but very noticeable.

Another splendid piece by this Master artist.




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Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver | Hand Braided Leather


Naja is 2 1/8" L x 1 1/4" W | Cord is 22" L