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Delicate Flower Dangles


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Grandson of the late Ben and Felicita Eustace, and a son of award-winning jeweler Jolene Eustace, Eric inherited the right stuff.

However, he listens to his own imagination, executes his work with finesse, and creates beautifully different pieces – like these earrings.

Precisely cut out and shaped, the exquisite flowers are incredibly detailed and dainty.

Small enough for modesty, but large enough to be noticed, these are appealingly delicate.

The ogee shape of each petal creates an uncommonly lovely silhouette, while each petal is also minutely textured.

In the center, a quartet of teeny domes replicates the look of a wild rose, and sparkles in the light, contrasting with the texture of the petals.

Dainty, delicate, feminine, and ravishingly pretty, these earrings are as beautifully executed as they are designed.

Wear them with everything, all year long.

Dab a bit of perfume on your earlobes, and you can literally smell the roses, as well as admire these little beauties.

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Sterling Silver


1 5/8" L x 5/8" Diameter