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“Deer Way”


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This artist has a Master in Fine Arts degree, and has won many prestigious awards, including a coveted SWAIA Fellowship, offered by the sponsor of the Santa Fe Indian Market, and inclusion in a short list of “Artists to Watch” in a national magazine. He is equally at home in figural painting or abstraction – or, as here, working in a completely different medium. Using a hand-cut piece of wood as his canvas, he has created a figure loosely based on the Navajo Yei (spirit), and petroglyph art. The theme is abundance and good health: water signs and deer drawings suggest that this figure embodies prayers for successful hunting and flourishing edible plants. It is beautifully painted with warm earth hues for the earth and sun, as well as blue for the sky and water. The spirals, dots, wavy lines, and curlicues all refer to water, raindrops, rainfall, streams, etc. Tiny crosses represent the four corners of the earth – the hope that these blessings will encompass the whole world. Graceful deer, and the arrowhead, depict the hope for bringing home plenty of meat. With water, in any form, and good hunting, health, happiness and prosperity ensue. The vibrant bundle of parrot, pheasant, and other feathers symbolizes carrying the prayers encompassed in this contemporary fetish mask right up to the heavens. A creative mix of tradition and artistic interpretation, by a major artist. This will look wonderful on its own, or grouped with other works of art.

Cottonwood, Acrylics, Macaw Feathers

Width: 3 1/8″ Height: 13 3/4″