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Deer Olla


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Two heads are supposedly better than one; four hands then, should work together for an even finer result  and do, here.

This couple, long noted for their respective skills, often collaborate on their pottery. Elizabeth is the potter; Marcellus is the highly reputed painter.

This lovely little olla is the result of their complementary method.

Shapely, with a gentle but definite presence, this olla is a tribute to the deer, a prized source of nourishment.

A successful hunt means venison all winter, and happy, healthy people. Prey animals are thanked for their sacrifice.

With red slip on the interior, the beige background is decorated with a handsome, leaping stag, on one side and a beautifully painted deer dancer, on the other.

In between, rain symbols in dark brown plant paint and red clay slip decorate the piece.

If Elizabeth’s skill as a potter created the form, Marcellus’ artistry has created a beautifully nuanced and detailed painting of the deer dancer.

A deer headdress tops the dancer’s head, and feathers (prayers for good hunting) adorn the head and the back of the kilt.

Shading, details, and a coordinating, softly hued palette are major attributes.

This is a fine size for display almost anywhere, with bold and subtle decoration that conveys good luck.

Traditional, and beautifully executed in every way.


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Natural Clay and Clay Slip I Plant Pigment


4 1/8"


4" diameter