“Deer Country”

Frank Vigil


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Frank Vigil was from the Jicarilla Apache reservation in Dulce, New Mexico.

During his lifetime (1922-1979) his work was immensely popular, and garnered many awards and museum exhibits, from the Heard Show in Phoenix to the De Young Museum, in San Francisco.

We still come across a piece of his, now and then, as it emerges from our archives. This beautiful opaque watercolor is one.

Frank is best known for portraying traditional figures (usually on horseback), and the horses and other wildlife around his home.

Here, the soft and lovely palette of blues and greens is contrasted with the splendid male deer in the foreground.

The regal appearance of the buck, back straight, head high and alert to any danger, is striking.

His stance is serene, but you know he will be off at the slightest provocation.

Behind him, a young buck stands, also alert. He seems to be watching the leader for guidance: stay, or leave?

The early Fall in the high terrain is beautifully rendered, with meticulous detail in the grasses underfoot, the various trees, and the distant mountains.

A soft glow permeates the sky, as at the beginning of sunset.

Matted, this fine representation of the artist’s coveted work is ready to be framed, hung, and admired.

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