Deer Carved Black Seed Pot


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Her celebrated grandmother, of the same name, was her teacher, but this younger potter has created a highly personal style.

The young Madeline’s style combines precise carving, an interplay of matte and stone-polished surfaces, and elegant forms – all present in this luscious seed pot.

The satin-bright polish, perfect shape and crisp-edged carving are the essence of her work. Unusually, there is a carved animal figure at the top.

Bands of polished and matte clay swirl up from the bottom of the pot, ending in a point, just below the carved deer (elk?).

The deep, meticulous carving, for which she is known, is beautifully evident, especially in this stylized figure. It represents abundance, good health and happiness – meat to eat!

The perfect form of the pot, the graceful beauty of the simple design, and the flawless execution are splendid signs of her well-practiced art.

Unlike true seed pots, the tiny hole is under the piece, not on top.

This is a simple and exquisite piece, by a famous name in black pottery, and happily accessible.

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