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Deeply Stamped Silver Band


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Like her renowned father, the late Thomas Curtis Sr., Jennifer is celebrated for the  incredibly precise and deep stamp work of her pieces.

She prides herself on the quality of her pieces, putting in patience and perseverance as well.

Another famous jeweler called her ” the best woman jeweler working”; that is seen in this modest, but exquisite ring.

Her characteristic, heavy gauge of silver is chiseled into tiny, perfectly regular lines, at top and bottom of the front.

There is an indentation on either side with a triangular stamp, filled in with more of the regular chiseled lines.

A brightly polished wavy line snakes across the middle, standing out from the darkened background.

The parallel lines, and this sinuous motif, refer to water, the most precious and scarcest resource in the high desert.

Therefore, this remarkably fine band is a symbol for happiness, and good fortune.

If you wear it as a wedding band, who could ask for more: the finest workmanship, a beautiful, harmonious design, and  a good luck symbol?!

The entire back is left plain, but rounded, so it can easily be sized up, or down.

Enjoy a splendid example of this stellar artist’s work, without breaking the bank – beauty, quality and practicality, too.


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Sterling Silver

Ring Size

7 1/2


1 1/4 " W