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Decorated Standing Gourd


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We enjoy the creativity of artists who work with natural gourds, and here is something different: an abstract gourd sculpture.

Steven Lente, of Tesuque Pueblo, has reimagined a large, eggplant-shaped gourd as a standing table sculpture, with dramatic results.

With paint and lacquer, he has transformed the natural finish of the gourd to resemble a piece of burnished pottery.

What looks like a broken piece of Navajo pottery, complete with fire clouds, is actually a brilliantly finished natural gourd, painted with traditional Pueblo designs.

In vivid color, a ribbon of plant and rain motifs curves around the body of the gourd, like a Pueblo sash.

Stepped designs mean rain and sacred prayers, fine lines symbolize rainfall, dots represent water drops, and sprays of white lines evoke plants.

Yellow and orange bring to mind sun and earth; turquoise reminds us of the sky and water, so there is natural harmony in the design.

A clever, original idea, is to wrap wooden dowels in leather to form little legs that extend from holes drilled into the gourd (and it didn’t break!).

An eye-catching piece, on your table, shelf, desk or mantel, this is one of a kind, and emblematic of artistic creativity.


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Acrylic Paint, Lacquer, Leather, Natural Gourd, Wood


10 1/4" H x 12" L X 6 1/4" W