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Decorated Egg Pot


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This area in Northern Mexico is inhabited by the descendants of Pueblo people who fled the re-establishment of Spanish rule, in the late 1600s.

Their pottery tradition was rediscovered in the 1970s, by accident.

Thanks to the persistent experimentation of Juan Quezada, the farmer who first found centuries-old shards, this area is now a thriving pottery destination, with many, wonderful, full-time potters.

The pottery artists are also thriving; their work has modernized their living conditions and educated their children

This fabulous pot, decorated in an amazing variety of motifs, would be a fortune if made north of the Mexican border.

Happily for us, the economy in Casas Grande is quite different from ours, on this side, so its quality far outweighs its price.

Made just like our American Pueblo pots, with hand-gathered, mixed, coiled, and smoothed clay, it is also decorated with red and white clay slips, hand-polished, and fired in the ground.

The array of decorated elements is mind-boggling; some are the artist’s own, some are recognizable Pueblo motifs, e.g., the storm spirals toward the bottom.

Under all the colorful decorations, the clay was hand-polished to a gorgeous gunmetal sheen.

Each of the many patterns and individual design elements is painted with admirable precision.

Arrestingly handsome from every angle, this is a flawlessly constructed and decorated example of an artist’s individual vision.

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Hand Processed Local Clay, Natural Clay Slip


7" H x 5" Diameter