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Darkened Concave Bracelet


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Jolene’s jewelry is characterized by the quality of the materials she uses, her painstaking technique, and its striking individuality. She is a free spirit in life and art, always following her own path. This dramatic bracelet expresses all that, while maintaining something of tradition.


The concave form of the cuff creates a super-comfortable rounded shape on the inside. The exterior is chiseled into a vertical pattern, while the intensely darkened finish makes that appear very subtle. The main attraction is the organically shaped, natural abalone shell in the center. It is held by a deeply chiseled silver bezel left semi-shiny, in contrast to the cuff, while matching the darkly beautiful iridescence of the shell. All the vertical lines, resemble rainfall, a traditional symbol of very good luck. Water is also symbolized by the abalone shell, which comes from the ocean.


A handsome accent of natural red coral seems to pin the shell to the cuff. Also from the ocean, the coral’s hue traditionally suggests the red earth of the southwest. Symmetrically placed dots of 18-karat gold gleam against the dark cuff like little suns, completing the ideal balance of water, earth and sun.


That’s the tradition behind the design, but this bracelet is a stunning piece, regardless of meaning. Unique in concept, flawless in its fabrication, and with and intriguing choice of material, this is a contemporary piece that encompasses a lot of tradition, with individual flair.

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18k Gold, Natural Abalone Shell, Natural Coral, Sterling Silver

Cuff Size

5 5/8"

Gap Size

1 1/16"

Wrist Size

6 11/16"


1 1/2"