Dark Dragonfly Cuff with Turquoise


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Nature is a constant in this young artist’s fresh, individual, and beautifully made work. He is self-taught, and his pieces are very creative.

Favorite design motifs involve overlaid dragonflies, hummingbirds, and other graceful creatures; in this remarkable bracelet, the dragonfly IS the piece.

Dramatic in darkened silver, the cuff is divided into two tapered bands that form the dragonfly’s wings. Blackened base silver, is overlaid with chiseled and textured lines.

The wings, the body, and the tail are decorated with the same overlaid pattern, which gives the bracelet unity of design, and harmony.

A beautiful, natural water web turquoise, in a clear, true turquoise hue, is placed horizontally, as the head. The bezel that holds it is chiseled in a larger scale than that on the cuff, itself, but relates to it, and the zig-zag lines suggesting flowing water.

Skill and artistry are combined, making this dramatic design a statement of inventiveness and scrupulous care, as well as a well-bred Wow!

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