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Dancing Mouse with Blanket


Hand carved natural antler mouse wrapped in blanket. Inlaid red coral nose and necklace, with pink mother of pearl pendant, Blanket inlaid with a band ofmulti-stones; “belt set with two turquoise dots .

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A triumph, by this award-winning carver of natural antler. Of a good size, it is not one of Troy’s famed bears, but a mouse – a dancing one, at that!


His head is turned, while enormous(e?)  front paws clutch a luxuriously decorated blanket around him. Under the blanket, in front, we have a glimpse of a carved and darkened sash, embellished with two turquoise dots. He sports a beautiful necklace of natural red coral “beads”, with a luminous pink mother of pearl center. His pointy nose is also a dot of red coral, while his bright eyes are dots of black jet or onyx.


The band of inlaid stones that decorate his blanket range from black, to pink mother of pearl, turquoise, lapis, iridescent abalone shell, and one piece of pink coral, The blanket itself is edged with a carved border, and the kilt underneath has two carved lines that are filled with dark red. Most unusually, a long, sterling silver tail curls gracefully out from under the kilt, in back!


As for the dancing part: this mouse looks very pleased, and balances on one foot, with the other in the air. He may be gazing at the drummers and other dancers, unable to keep still, or is just trying to keep warm, or….?


Created with all the expertise, experience, humor and artistry of this master of antler carving, this fabulous mouse is one you will love to have in the house. Bring him home, and let everyone shower him (and you) with praise and admiration.

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Lapis, Pink Coral, Abalone Shell, Mother of Pearl, Natural antler, Natural Red Coral, Sterling Silver, Turquoise


2 1/4" high x 2 1/2" wide (2 5/8" wide including tail) x 1 1/4" deep (2 1/3" including tail)